Welcome to AÉSISSA!

AÉSISSA is registered as an official student association under the Graduate Students Association (GSAÉD) of the University of Ottawa.

As students enrolled in a graduate program at the SIS (full-time or part-time), you are all automatically members of AÉSISSA as well as GSAÉD. Therefore, we promote a bilingual environment and encourage all students to participate in AÉSISSA and/or GSAÉD activities in the official language of their choice. It is the collaborative efforts of all students that will shape the culture of the School of Information Studies and that of the University of Ottawa. Let’s take this opportunity to share our experiences and learn from each other. We look forward to meeting you at one of our events during the school year!

AÉSISSA was established as an official association during the summer of 2010.  The mandate of AÉSISSA is to:

  • promote the interest of its members before different bodies including, but not limited to, the University of Ottawa, the Faculty of Arts, ÉSIS and GSAÉD;
  • provide members with a forum to discuss ways to improve their education at the University of Ottawa, and to discuss issues related to student life and to the field of information studies
  • promote a bilingual environment amongst all students;
  • promote amongst students a sense of belonging to AÉSISSA and ÉSIS by encouraging students to become involved in the university community;
  • promote awareness of career and networking opportunities to students in the field of information studies;
  • stimulate a constructive dialogue and co-operation between students and professors, and between students and administrators.

For further information about AÉSISSA governance, please consult the AÉSISSA Constitution & AÉSISSA Bylaws.